Just Sing Along!

by Uncle Tim and His All Uncle Band

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This album was recorded by Uncle Tim for 10 of his favorite nieces and nephews and for you!


released December 25, 2008

Uncle Tim played, sang and wrote everything you hear except Aunt Jenny sang on tracks 4 and 9 and played percussion on track 1. Rilke meowed on track 8.



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Just Me Records Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Emry, the Dread of the Seven Seas
Emry, The Dread of the Seven Seas!

He eats dinner for breakfast
And brunch for lunch
He rides on a whale
Whose back is all hunched
A glass of milk
He finds so passé
Ginger Ale is what
He drinks all day
Unless, of course
He wants to grow
A milk mustache
Under his nose

There is no rapscallion more rapscalliony
Than Emry
The dread of the seven seas!

In pirate school he was
First in his class
They taught him swashbuckling
And to clean the mast
The ship that he sails
Is a leaky tugboat
But with animal balloons
He convinced it to float
And on his flag that
He flies so high
Are the words, “Yo-Ho-Ho-Ho,
I’m a Pirate-Kind-of-Guy”
Track Name: The Serious Cirrus Cloud Factory
Izzie was busy
Creating a dizzy
Of whirls and Clanks
That come from the banks
Of motors and engines
That cause cloud emissions
At the Serious Cirrus
The Serious Cirrus
Cloud Factory

Izzie’s so clever
As she pulls down the levers
That push out the clouds
So puffy and round
The cumulus are humorous
The cirrus are serious
The stratus are saddest
But they’re not the baddest
You see, Izzie is busy
At the Serious Cirrus
The Serious Cirrus
Cloud Factory
Track Name: Maya's Walk in the Woods
Hey Maya
Let’s take a walk in the woods
See what the animals do
When there’s no one around

Hey Maya
There’s an owl in the trees
Singing with his beak
A hoot melody
Melody (3x)

Listen Maya
There’s a bear over there
Playing a tune that a loon
Taught him just before noon

Listen Maya
As he begins to sing
In his bear baritone
A song about his home
Home (3x)

Over there Maya
It’s a fox with a box
That he strung with the hair
Given by a brown mare

Listen Maya
He’s plucking out some notes
And if you don’t know
I think that it’s a banjo
Banjo (3x)
Track Name: Lexie, Lexie
Lexie, Lexie
Won’t you eat with me
A pocketful of pomegranate seeds
Hard and sour like a jelly bean

Lexie, Lexie
Won’t you take a walk with me
Down by those old palm trees
That grow coconuts under there leaves

Lexie, Lexie
Won’t you go fishin’ with me
I’ll bring the gummy worms
You bring the cane poles swingin’ in the breeze
Track Name: Kelsea in a Cadillac
K-K-K-Kelsea in Cadillac
No, No, No she don’t sit in the back
She’s driving so fine

K-K-K-Kelsea in Cadillac
No, No, No she ain’t lookin’ back
She’s driving so fine

Shift it in gear, Darlin’!
Put it in gear, Darlin’!
Shift it in gear, Darlin’!
And you’re on your way

Just turn the key, Darlin’!
Just turn the key, Darlin’!
Just turn the key, Darlin’!
And you’re on your way
Track Name: On Tim and Tenly's Treasure Hunt
On Tim and Tenly’s treasure hunt
The X is where we’ll dig
The chests that we unbury
Are fun-filled and so big
On Tim and Tenly’s treasure hunt
Who knows where we may go

On Tim and Tenly’s treasure hunt
We’ll ride hot air balloons
We’ll play Monopoly
With real gold dubloons
On Tim and Tenly’s treasure hunt
Where do you think we’ll go?

On Tim and Tenly’s treasure hunt
X marks the spot
We’ll seek out adventure
And thumb wrestle a lot
On Tim and Tenly’s treasure hunt
The crazy things we’ll do

On Tim and Tenly’s treasure hunt
Oh, the characters we’ll meet
Maybe and ex-president
Or a pirate who’s named Pete
On Tim and Tenly’s treasure hunt
Who knows who you might see

Over mountains of pudding
You look loose your footing
It’s a treacherous route
To find the loot
Over deserts of confetti
That look real pretty
Cross great oceans
Of shaving lotion
We’ll catch a cat
With a black top hat
And call him Fred
He’ll sleep in your bed
We’ll tug the hair
Of a polar bear
There’s whales with shells
That look like snails
And a friendly moose
who cooks couscous
Track Name: Kaitlyn's Got the Boogie Disease
There’s a virus going around now Kaitlynn
You should be careful that you don’t catch it
First thing it affects is both your feet
It makes them start tapping to a beat

Oh no, Kaitlynn your feet are dancing around
You’ve got the boogie disease and there’s no cure to be found

It’ll start to move up your knees
Your hips are next and they twist as they please
Uh Oh, looks like you’re belly dancing
And your neck is walking like an Egyptian

Oh no, Kaitlynn you’re moving all around
You’ve got the boogie disease and there’s no cure to be found

It’s in your hands and they’re getting’ all jazzy
Shaking around just like Liza Minelli
Soon it’ll crawl up and your head starts to move
Even your nose will be twitchin’ to the groove

Oh no, Kaitlynn you’re dancing all around
I guess we might as well all get down
Track Name: Just Sing Along Haley!
Haley, I want to show a thing or two
About making music and songs to sing
It’s really easy as pie
Just follow these tips and give it a try

Just grab a drum or some chewing gum
A guitar or a pickle jar
A stand-up bass or a porcelain vase
A couple hand claps or a kitty cat

If it makes a sound
Then you’ve found the only instrument
You need around
To really write a song
Just make some noise and sing along

Just sing whatever comes to your head
If nothing does then sing your name instead
Track Name: The Adventures of Super Julian
Who Could be the Hero that we need?
Julian, he's the one
We need someone there who never gets scared
Julian, he's the one

He's so courageous
He's not even scared of the dark
He's saved lots of folks and he tells really, really good jokes

Who's that guy with a cape that can fly?
Julian, he's the guy

Who's the man that's the strongest in the land?
Julian, he's got a plan
Track Name: Goodnight Gianna
Goodnight Gianna
Lay down your head
Tuck in those covers
So you’ll sleep tight

So close your eyes
No peaking allowed
I’ve checked under the bed
There’s no monsters around

And in the morning
When you begin to wake
The sun will begin another day
For you to make

The sky is the limit
But if the stars are too high
You can stand on my shoulders
And I’ll push you to the sky